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There's a couple of BD events going on this weekend! While I have prior obligations this Fri so I can't attend the Ali Baba show, I think I'll be able to make it to the Sat show. If anyone is interested in attending either of these events as a group, please reply. Here's the info on both!

"Orlando Dance Theatre Presents Oriental Fantasy" (Featuring several of Suspira's students!)
Enjoy wonderful food and cocktails at Ali Baba restaurant while supporting your sisters in the dance!
Friday, January 28th
Ali Baba Restaurant 1155 W.S.R. 434 #105, Longwood, FL.

Showtime 9:30
For reservations call - 407-331-8680
(reservations STRONGLY suggested, this place is tiny!)

Babylon Breeze workshops & show:
Come join us here in Orlando with the amazing Amir Thaleb of Arentina, Virginia of Miami, Amaya of Albuquerque, Aziza of Montreal/Portland, and Harry Saroyan of Saroyan Mastercrafts along with our Special Performing Artists Jim Boz of San Diego, Ava Fleming of Phoenix, Sadie Markquardt of Denver, Jamelah and Calypso of Salt Lake City and Shoshanna of Arcata, CA! Don't forget, we also have our fabulous Puerto Rican Shining Stars!

In addition to the workshops, there will be two shows: One on Fri ($15), and one on Sat ($20 w/o dinner).

More info:
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