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Hey guys,

I had a question for you. Im in Hillel, its like the big jewish club, lol. Im the religious and cultural coordinator, and i wanted to do an arabic (okay bellydancing) event. basically what would happen is the "instructors" would have a very basic lesson and then we could mess around and play for a bit. I could possibly try to hold this at a restaraunte and offer some munchies and such. Anywho, my question is, would you guys be willing to come out and have some fun? I know there are quite a few very experienced BD out there, and it would really be a very basic lesson. I dont have a HUGE budget, so pay would be sorta weird, and we could work that out, but im gonna be honest, lol, i have no idea how much the rate of pay would be. in any event, i will try to find out, and it should be a shitload of fun either way. If you are interested, just post back, or you can email me at and lemmi know :)
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