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OSA says they should have the 2005 club registration form available within the week, so hopefully we'll be able to start the registration process soon!

As soon as the process starts, we can have one meeting in the Student Union before we are officially registered as a club. How does everyone feel about meeting on Monday evening, January 24th? If all goes well, we'll have access to a projector and we can show some sample bellydance instruction videos, performance tapes, etc. I'm going to also make some fliers that everyone can print, pass around, or pin up to spread the word.

Right now, I'm starting to work on a site for the club so we can get up some info and such. I'm trying to figure out the domain name for the site... I guess by default, it should be, but that seems so boring! :) Anyone has any other ideas/suggestions for a site name and/or club name?

Shimmy Knights? XD

I own, but I don't think it's that good of a name for a club site. I wish I had bought instead. :(

As soon as I there's more info, I'll post it. ;)
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