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jumping on the bandwagon...

hi guys!!

im michelle and vice president of the club that is getting started. I've been dancing since I was about five years old. My family is Greek and Turkish...so i've been around dance ALL my life. Since coming to UCF I have been under the instruction of three local teachers (one of which I dont think teaches any longer). I have danced at UCF events before...one a few years ago was for a hillel celebration of Isreal and another was very recently that Orlando Dance Theatre (the performance troupe of Suspira's that I belong to) was a celebration of the countries of Africa. Bellydance, of course, is very big in the countries of Egypt and Morroco.

There is a lot of fusion and incorporation in the dance. There is Latin influence, African influence ect...and each country generally has its own traditional style. For information on bellydancing...one of the best websites out there is http://www.shira.net/ TONS of information, it even translates some songs. I'm looking foward to meeting everyone and getting started. I'm so glad to see a lot of people are interested in bellydancing. It's SOOO much fun, a great workout, and the costumes we get to wear are the best part!

To see some pictures and some good links my boyfriend was kind enough to whip up a quick website at like 2am. So it's nothing flashy or interesting, just a simple little website.

I dance under the name Leyli which in Arabic is like "goes out at night" or something to that effect.

check out the links section
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