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Art Commissions

There's a huge lack of original bellydance related art, but I've been trying to draw more dance art. I draw t-shirt designs for my teacher Suspira, and I'm really happy with how they come out. I'm now taking commissions again since I have so much free time. Bellydance costumes and graduate school are very expensive, so it's time to save up. ;)

Particularly, I'm offering the $10 avatar special again-- for just $10, you can have a full color artwork, perfect for avatars or banners.
[ Example 1 ] [ Example 2 ] [ Example 3 ]

For more of my work, you can see my DeviantArt gallery.

Commission info:
US funds only, Payable through:

# PayPal
# Mail order (concealed cash/ cheque etc..)

# Pencil Drawing
- $15.00
# Inked Drawing
- $25.00
# CG Colored (cell style)
- $50.00
# CG Colored (Painter style)
- $75.00
# 100x100 full color avatar
- $10.00
# Color existing lineart
- $30.00

Different Coloring Styles [ Example ]

# No smut/graphic sexual acts. Sexy figures or cheesecake is allowed.
# I have no problems drawing yaoi, yuri and hetero pairings
# Fanart, mythical creatures, angels/demons, furries, original characters, etc is welcome! :)

# Maximum characters in a picture: 2
# For each additional character: $5

# Depending on complexity of the request, the price could be higher.
# Half of the payment in advance, half after completion of commission.
# Mailed payments must be recieved first before commission is completed.
# I reserve the right to refuse any commission request

yim: GoddessCowkitty
aim: Cowkitty XD
email: tamara_a_gray at yahoo dot com
deviantart: http:/
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